How to create a blog in less than 10 minutes

The first thing’s you need to know: You don’t have to be an expert to learn how to create a blog in minutes.

And Undertaking Stories is proof of this. The guide that you will find below is the result of our experience; I have lived the process from not knowing how to create a blog to creating a publication with more than 50 million visits around the world.

The best thing about this practical guide is that you do not require any technical knowledge; So, if lately you have been wondering how to create a blog , and you think it is difficult, here you will know how to create your website.

How to create a blog you can live on:

In the video that you will see below, I will explain how to configure your blog step by step in a matter of minutes.

However, the success of a blog does not lie in the creation of the website, but in the strategy and methodology you use to create content that is profitable and allows you to earn income each month.

Why am I telling you this? Because what you’ll learn here is the first in a series of steps you must take to create a blog you can live on.

So before showing you the step by step to create your blog from scratch I want to make you an invitation.

So what do you need to create a blog?

With the rise of the Internet, today there are tools that allow you to make a blog in less than 10 minutes, configure it with just a few clicks and start making money from home .


In this case, we will explain how to create a blog in WordPress , one of the most used content managers in the world. Undertaking Stories uses it for example.

To start you need:

  • Have a web domain defined (in the video I explain how to get a free one)
  • Set up your hosting service (click this link to get it)
  • Install WordPress with just one click.
  • A payment method (every business requires an investment, but don’t worry, it is quite inexpensive: approximately $ 3.95, that is, a monthly coffee that is paid annually)

Can you create a blog for free?

You may be wondering if you can create a blog for free. Of course there are free alternatives. If you search on Google, you will find hundreds of sites to create a blog for free.

However, these do not end up being the best options to create a blog, if your goal is to create a profitable business and make money online .

Why? These free alternatives to create a blog are limited, that is, they do not offer you the range of possibilities that paid ones have. Also, like any business, you must invest in it to produce results.

How to create a blog in WordPress step by step:

Once doubts have been clarified, having made the invitation to the online course and explaining what you need to start creating your blog from scratch, let’s start immediately.

The platform that we are going to use to configure your blog is Hostinger , among its benefits you get:

1. They give you a domain for a year, so you will save part of your investment.

2. To create your blog in WordPress you just need to click.

3. You have 24/7 support .

4. If you don’t like it, you have 30 days to get your money back .

5. You have support in Spanish and they guarantee that your website is on the air.

In this video you will find the step by step to create a blog from scratch:




Once you finish this step by step, you will have your blog ready to publish your first entry. As you could see, the initial configuration is really simple.

From this moment on it is up to you to focus on creating attractive content for your community and adding value to start making money with your blog .

Next I will share some additional tips that will be of great help in the initial configuration of your blog.

Tips when creating your blog in WordPress

The objective of this article is not only to explain you how to create a blog technically, but to explain some additional settings that will make your blog look much more professional and will put you on the path of starting to earn extra money with your site.


Set the language of your WordPress in English:

To achieve this go to Settings → General → At the end of the screen you will find the language, choose English and finally save the changes made.

Define a template for your blog:

You can change the template of your blog as follows: Appearance → Themes → There you have options or free or you can buy in Themeforest, there is a wide variety of templates available depending on the theme of your blog.

How to publish your first post:

To create your first blog post, go to posts and create new. There you can create your first article. Something important to keep in mind is the following:

Blog in cooming soonIf you enter your blog from another computer or your cell phone, you will see that it is in “Cooming soon” mode as you can see in the image below Create Your Blog.

To remove this option and launch your blog to the public you must click on the “Click here” option found in the upper section of your wordpress administrator. As it appears in the picture.

View post on


Tools to use on your blog

How to create a blog in less than 10 minutes

how to write an article for your blog that people read

Like Hostinger , there are other tools that can help you in your new digital business: Your personal blog.

To begin we will give you some basic recommendations, however, if you really want to take your knowledge about how to create a profitable blog to the next level, I invite you to learn about the Start Online course and let’s start working immediately.

Google Analytics:

As we mentioned earlier, this Google tool helps you keep track of your readers.

When you configure it on your blog, it will tell you from which country they are reading you, what the ages of your readers are, how often they do it and what their interests are. This tool is essential to progress and keep track of the behavior of your website.


You need to have a database with the emails of your readers. With Mailchimp you can send all your visitors the new articles, videos or entries you make on your blog. And better yet, up to 2,000 emails is free.

Link: Access Mailchimp


Bitly’s function is to keep a record of how many times you click on your articles. Its functionality is quite simple and helps you discover which of your posts you like the most.

Link: Access Bitly

My experience creating a blog from scratch

As you may have realized, learning how to create a blog does not take much time; it is a simple, fast process and in a few clicks distance

The really important thing is to start. You will always have many reasons not to; Among them that you do not have time, that it is very difficult, or even worse, that you do not believe that it is possible to earn money doing something that you are passionate about, that is your purpose in life .

So in closing, I would like to share with you three three extremely important points:

Creating a successful blog takes time:

When people think of blogging, the first idea that comes to mind is that of passive income; you with a computer on the beach enjoying financial freedom while sipping some margaritas.

While this is achievable, you need to stop thinking that creating a personal blog is an easy business, that you don’t need to work, and that you will see your accounts fill up with money while you do nothing.

Like any business in life, whether it is a cheap franchise or an online venture, you need dedication, effort, and a lot of willingness.

Prepare to face difficult moments:

When creating a blog, make sure you are passionate about your niche. One of the reasons why websites do not generate income is because there is no clear issue on the part of the entrepreneur regarding the generation of content.

Why is it important that you are passionate about the subject?

You will need passion to face not so pleasant moments, for moments, for example when:

  • You do not want to make a new entry on your blog,
  • Your friends ask you what you do on your computer,
  • Do not believe that a personal blog can be a business,
  • and many other difficult moments involved in undertaking.

Constancy, the key to creating a successful blog:

From the beginning you will have disappointments and failures, lack of readers on your blog, you will want to do other things: you will prefer to go out with your friends, watch movies, sleep and many other things that you may want beyond sitting and working on your project. .

That is why you need perseverance, to overcome your desire not to succeed. To master your fear of success. To be successful. So get started right away, here are the steps to learn how to start a blog from scratch.

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